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Technology Bites

Kaspersky Labs Hacked

Kaspersky Labs provides one of the best AntiVirus/AntiMalware programs created to protect personal computers. Their software is consistently rated in the top 5. I’ve used it for years on both Windows, Linux machines and lately on Mac’s. I highly recommend the software. The only down-side, they’re a Russian company. Which, […]

Big Brother is Watching

Drones are flying over the United States. The only thing they are not allowed to do is carry weapons. Not unlike Pakistan, we are being monitored, possibly followed whenever authorities choose. Does your girlfriend or wife like to sunbathe around the pool or on the beach topless? Have you been […]

A Little Low

Asiana Flight 214 was spread all over a runway at San Francisco International Airport last week. Seems auto-pilot was a little off on air speed and altitude. The tail of the aircraft was dragged over the seawall and the whole thing cart-wheeled. The video was horrifying and amazing. It looked […]

Tec Distraction Can Kill You

The Christian Science Monitor posted an interesting piece related to Smart Phones. Seems officials are starting to see a trend where distracted users/pedestrians put themselves in danger. Statistics aren't available so exact numbers are unknown but, officials seem to believe injury and death incidents are on the rise as a […]

350 Million Without Power

The news is abuzz today with an astounding power outage. It seems 350 million people lost power at around 2:35am in northern India. That's actually more people without power in India than the entire population of the USA (U.S. Census Bureau). One can imagine the chaos in a country where […]

Havoc in the Skies over Europe

Iceland's volcanos are alive and well. If you haven't read the news, just ask any number of stranded passengers in many major airports in Europe.Travelers from all over the world have been impacted by cancellations due to the volcanic cloud drifting over Europe. Fortunately, as a result of learning the […]