Welcome to Netswamp!

You’ll find in these pages;

Development and Technical Notes

An archive of technical notes and articles related to system administration, repair and data recovery are available for reference and discussion. As well as, informational articles related to programming, many with complete scripts you can use and include in your own applications. All provided in the spirit of Open Source.

Technology Bites

A satirical view of technology and the numerous ways it fails us or we fail to see it’s short comings. Technology related Tips, Tricks, and Critiques thrown-in for good measure.

Web Tools

A collection of tools based on PHP that I find handy and use from time to time. You’re invited to use them too.

Swamp Blog

Everything you’ll find in these pages is one man’s opinion and should not be taken to represent any company or organization. Further, I really don’t expect anyone to agree with anything I post. If you find something offensive, feel free to comment or look away. The worst thing that could happen is I find your comment so offensive it won’t be posted.