So Many Websites, So Little Time

I give up! I’ve tried setting-up different sites for all my interests. All with different admin panels. All with different programming requirements and most of those requirements mean I do the programming. They’ve all inevitably been neglected and ignored.

I’m going down a different road with my sites. Word Press went to a multi-site ability several revisions ago. It’s had time to mature and I’ve seen it in action. So, that’s where I’m headed.

Some sites will be broken in the process while I make changes. Stand-by.

Back to WordPress

I’ve decided to revert back to WordPress for this site. The other framework installed here required continual reprogramming for the addition of features. That’s something I do all day at work, that I’d rather not have to do when I’m off.

I have retained the old galleries and will integrate them in time. I hope to be able to make image handling a little smoother. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

User names and passwords have been reverted to what they were before I took down the WP installation in November of last year.

Some images do not appear as they should. Bear-with as I make corrections while reverting back to WP.

Politics – Too Stupid!

There was a time I would become emotional about politics in the USA. No – not brought to tears. More like – infuriated or disappointed. So much so, I had to take a break from the non-sense for a year or so for some introspection on the topic. I’ve reached a conclusion…

Politics and getting emotional about political stuff is just Too Stupid!

I still feel an obligation to vote and voice my opinions. I’ll vote at the polls and post my opinions here. I will not however, discuss those opinions with acquaintances, friends or family. Life’s too short to permit the insane-stupidity spewed by political “machines” to interfere with my personal relationships or day-to-day life.

Freedom Today?

The doc was just in (4:30am). First thing he asked, “Would you like to go home today?” Duh!!

I’ve spent the last 2 hours waking every 15 minutes due to pain. I’m not in a good mood! Though it’s about the only thing he could have said that would “check” my tongue. This guy has my prescription intervals set to every 6 hours. That leaves me 2-3 hours of pain between doses. I’m not sure how you don’t figure this out based on collected data. Unless you just don’t consult the data.

It’s not just the PPN previously mentioned. It appears everyone on the night shift is boarder-line worthless. My IV alarm and my room mates both went-off multiple times last night. The alarms would have never been silenced had we not called the nurses station to have one sent down to turn it off. My roomy started cancelling the alarms on his own.

From my room it looks like the night shift does as little as possible. But I’ve only been here 3 nights. I suppose it could be they only actually work 4 out of 7 days.

I’m Trying to be a Good Patient – Really!

Take Rick, who doesn’t want to be in a hospital, add one bitch-nurse and you get instant asshole! I can’t seem to stop myself. I just pulled a ‘nasty’ on one of the good nurses and I shouldn’t have.

Last night, I asked the nurse assigned to my room a simple question; Can you give me something for gas? Her answer, “Best thing to do is get up and walk around”. Getting up and walking around is only hampered by pain, but it’s doable. She must not have heard of Gas-X or the hospital doesn’t stock it. Other responses she spewed last night lead me to believe she is just a piss-poor nurse (PPN). She’s very good at telling time: “It’s 2 hours until you can have more pain medication”. This nurse strikes me as one who wants to do just enough to get a paycheck. She doesn’t come across as one who cares about her patients.

My good nurse, Kristin’s response to the same question: “I’ll see what we have” was a way better response. I shouldn’t have added: “I’ve asked my wife to bring Gas-X to me”. Needless-to-say, Kristin said “They don’t like patients to bring-in meds without the doctors’ knowledge”. Kristin’s right! I understand why. I just made her a victim of my irritation with her colleague’s crappy attitude. I’m sorry!!

Kristin’s been very good. She’s working with me to try to keep the pain moderated. Example; The doctor stretched my med interval from every 4 to every 6 hours last night. The meds weren’t lasting the 4 hours, let alone 6. They have me on Dilaudid, 2 mg per dose. I asked Kristin if we could split the dose and do every 3 hours. She’s all for it! So we’re givin’ it a try.

She’s soooo good, she just brought me something for gas while I was writing this post. PPN’s like the one I’ve experienced here, become part of my irritation and intolerance while being held prisoner in the hospital. I’m trying not to share that irritation with the good ones.

Diverticulitis Strikes Again!

It ‘s hard to sleep through belly pain. Diverticulosis can be painful and difficult to live with. The last couple of days has been no exception. Last night was really rough. There was more pain than usual during an attack. It was accompanied by a deep body trembling chill and a mild fever.

Here I am, incarcerated again in the hospital at 7:30pm. The “adventure” started at 8:30am this morning in the E.R. There were less than a dozen people their when we arrived. Not too bad a wait to get in. Once the doctor was convinced that the diverticuli hadn’t perforated he was generous with the pain meds. Finally – relief!! Sort-of, the meds didn’t seem to take at first. The first round was morphine and it didn’t work!! I’m not sure what was finally used this evening, but the pain is under control and I might be able to sleep tonight.

After the CAT scan, the doctor determined I needed to be admitted so they could dump massive-quantities of antibiotic through a “straw” into my body. He confirmed diverticulitis. It’s likely I’ll be here ’til Sunday. With my luck and hospitals, it’ll be just long enough for me to become nasty and obnoxious. I’m not a “good patient”. It’s also possible I’ll be here ’til Monday too. That sets the odds of reaching the obnoxious stage, better than average.

It’ll be a while before I sound up-beat about not having an attack for nearly a year, as both my Mom and Dad pointed-out.

This really sucks!

Karma LIVES – Burglars Don’t!

I was awaken last night by 2 freaked-out women, Denette and Jessica, around 10:45pm. Someone was shot and lying in the driveway across the street. The neighbour was on the phone calling 911 when Jessica was on her way out and overheard the drama unfolding. Needless-to-say she came back in the house a little rattled, told her mother what was going-on and I was awaken in-turn. Continue reading